Drop Box Locations

For your convenience feel free to use our drop boxes.
Just make sure to call or email us if you would like a sample to be picked up from any one of our several locations.

Located in the Willamette Valley and interested in having a drop box location at your site?
Let us know! We would be happy to install one and pickup is always free of charge.

Free sample bags can be delivered upon request.


We have two after-hours sample drops at our location.
One is located to the right of our main entrance, and the other is located as you drive in on the left just before our dumpster.
Feel free to use either if you’re in a hurry during business hours.

Seeds soaking in a glass dish to reveal color changes as they hydrate during the tetrazolium test.


S & S Seeds
175 Scravel Hill Rd.
Albany, OR 97321
Left of front door, by the truck ramp.


Wild West Seed
3640 Western Way NE
Albany (Millersburg), OR 97321


Reynolds Farms
4715 NE Hwy 20
Corvallis, OR 97330
Located in driveway.


Smith Seed Services
26890 Powerline Road
Halsey, OR 97348
North side of new building on right of ramp entering building.


Fisher Implement
23838 Hwy. 99E
Harrisburg, OR 97446
Pull into driveway, right in front of gate.


8645 Suver Rd.
Monmouth, OR 97361
In front of scales, under cover.


Burlingham Seed Co.
8883 Rickreal Rd.
Rickreal, OR 97371
Located in front of warehouse on the left.


K & S Seeds
11733 Selah Springs Rd. NE
Silverton, OR 97381
On the right side of the warehouse door.