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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a Rush or prioritize my samples?
Yes, write any special requests on the submitted sample bag. For priority samples, mark the sample bags: 1,2,3 and so on.

How do I request a carbon copy for someone other than myself?
Carbon copy information can be provided on the submitted sample bag (TSLI sample bags have a C/C field). You can also call, fax, or e-mail copy authorization. [We do not automatically C/C the grower].

If I request an UGS with a Purity is there a discount?
Yes, when an UGS is requested with a purity the charge is reduced—refer to price list for exact pricing.

How do I request a grow-out test?
Request a grow-out when you request the purity, germ, and fluorescence. The fluorescing seedlings need to be saved from the germination test in order to perform the grow-out.

Can I have my report of analysis e-mailed to me?
Yes, we have the ability to e-mail your test results. The reports are attached to the e-mail as a PDF, which is downloaded by the Adobe Acrobat Reader [You can obtain a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader at the Adobe Website.]

What is an acceptable level of endophyte?

For toxic endophytes in forages, acceptable levels of endophyte in the state of Oregon are 5% or less. For turf-type, the higher the level of endophyte the better. Non-toxic endophytes include the trade names MaxQ and ArkPlus.

If I submit multiple samples for endophyte testing is there a discount?

Yes, if eleven or more samples are submitted at one time for endophyte testing there is a $2.50 discount on each test.

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