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About Us

Tangent Seed Lab Int'l is an independent, commercial lab owned and operated by Ellen Mary, RST since 1985. We have been at our current location, 33485 Hwy 99E in Tangent next to Barenbrug USA-Marketing Division, since December 2000.

At Tangent Seed Lab Int'l we believe that it is important to stay involved in the agricultural community. We maintain membership in Oregon Seed Association, so that we may stay up to date on the issues that are important to our customers and our business. Please see our Affiliations page for a detailed list.

As part of our commitment to quality testing, our entire staff participates in continuing education, including seed testing workshops, technology courses, etc. It is our priority to maintain our skill level and stay proficient in our profession.

In addition, we stay involved with our certifying organizations – the Society of Commercial Seed Technologists and the Association of Official Seed Analysts.

Our Registered Seed Technologist (RST) is involved in the following:

Ellen Mary became an RST in 1984. She is a member of Linn-Benton Women for Agriculture, a registered member of the Society of Commercial Seed Technologists (SCST),  an  Associate member of the Idaho Seed Analysts Association, and a Senior member of Canada’s Commercial Seed Analyst Association.

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